Shareholder Lawsuits

New York, New York Shareholder Lawsuit Attorneys

Shareholders who are unhappy with the return on their investment occasionally seek financial damages against a company’s board of directors or CEO. Typically, these kinds of cases involve allegations of financial mismanagement, negligent business decisions, or general malfeasance. At the law office of Gallion & Spielvogel LLP, our lawyers defend boards and CEOs against these and other kinds of allegations from shareholders. Amassing documentation and financial records, our office presents evidence gathered from board meetings, press releases, internal memos, and financial reports that diffuse allegations of wrongdoing and mismanagement. Working with our own investigators and accountants, our attorneys expose misinformation provided by shareholders that mischaracterize actions and decisions made by our clients.

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Shareholder Lawsuits and Allegations of Wrongdoing

The law office of Gallion & Spielvogel LLP represents business clients facing allegations from shareholders involving the following:

  • Financial mismanagement
  • Unfair executive compensation
  • Violations of Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
  • Insider trading
  • Artificial inflation / depreciation of stock
  • Shareholder derivative actions
  • Improperly granted stock options

Providing Evidence in Support of Your Case

In shareholder lawsuits, it’s essential that each and every allegation be met and effectively rebutted. In most cases, shareholders believe they can demonstrate decisions and actions on the part of a board or CEO adversely affected stock prices or the financial security of a company. However, in order to establish liability in civil cases and criminal wrongdoing in criminal prosecutions, foreseeability and intent must be established.

While decisions on the part of executives or board members may have negatively impacted a company, it is another thing altogether to prove that those decisions were done with the foreknowledge and intent of harming the company or enriching themselves. At Gallion & Spielvogel LLP, our attorneys confront these and other allegations head-on, extrapolating from records and evidence compliance with state and federal regulations and due diligence requirements as defined by a company’s bylaws and articles of incorporation.

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It’s important to retain legal representation soon after allegations are made and a lawsuit filed. Not only can our attorneys begin the investigative process important to defending you, we may be able to prevent a criminal investigation as well.

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