Corporate Counsel Role

Corporate Counsel Responsibilities

As corporate counsel, your company’s executives and board of directors depend on you to provide legal advice about a wide range of business issues. From intellectual property to executive compensation, from wage and hour laws to regulatory requirements, you are expected to keep the company in compliance with laws and regulations. In most cases, you can rely on internal legal staff or external law firms.

When the Stakes are High … Gallion & Spielvogel LLP

When there are allegations or even a suspicion that company activities could result in shareholder lawsuits or regulatory actions, the usual options may not meet the need for a full, independent investigation that will have credibility with judges and regulators.

  • At Gallion & Spielvogel LLP, we work discreetly with general counsel to conduct a preliminary investigation to determine the scope of needed forensic inquiry.
  • If an internal investigation is required, we will work with you to devise an investigation structure that meets the needs of the company and protects the rights of people within the company.
  • Because we are a small but highly experienced law firm, we are able to move quickly and quietly to investigate areas of concern.
  • On those very rare occasions where the scope of the investigation requires simultaneous forensic work in several locations (e.g., subsidiaries, joint ventures, etc. located around the US or abroad), G&S has access to only the finest attorneys though our network who will be able to handle discrete investigatory assignments under our close supervision in distant locales, should the need arise.
  • Because independence is a paramount concern to assure a credible investigation, all of our investigative team will have no prior relationship with your company or its employees.
  • Corporate should fight the practice of reflexively turning to regular outside counsel — for the many reasons already discussed. House counsel’s decision to hire regular outside counsel may well doom the investigation from the start.
  • “Chinese walls” (i.e., if the company regularly uses Firm X for transactional work but not for litigation, hiring that firm’s litigators to perform the investigation) are regularly discounted and disregarded by court and government regulators in evaluating the integrity and independence of the investigation and its conclusions.
  • We will protect the rights of all employees, making sure those who need their own legal representation know their rights.

Located in New York City, our attorneys are available for internal corporate investigations throughout the United States. Gallion & Spielvogel LLP is part of an extensive national network of law firms focused exclusively on the legal needs of businesses.