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The foundational structure of any corporation needs a well-conceived system of corporate governance so that there is a systematic way of addressing issues that arise in the company’s future. At the Gallion & Spielvogel LLP law firm, we have helped large and small companies develop, monitor, and revise that structure as needed.
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“Corporate governance” encompasses two general concepts:

* Reviewing internal operational and reporting controls to ensure their adequacy and that they are being followed; if not, part of the investigation to forward corrective recommendations.
* Ensuring that members of the board, particularly the outside directors understand their heightened fiduciary obligations and are taking the proper steps to obtain truly independent outside counsel.

When something goes wrong at a company—an unexplained loss of funds, an undocumented change in a manufacturing formula, a pattern of discrimination—there is usually an accompanying disregard for the established channels of corporate governance.

* In an internal investigation, our attorneys will track the problem to determine how it occurred and who knew about it.
* We will investigate how the established corporate governance process handled the problem.
* Where the corporate governance process was circumvented, our lawyers will recommend preventive measures.
* All processes—including corporate governance—need review to determine if they are meeting internal business requirements as well as regulatory requirements.

A corporate structure needs a system of checks and balances to assure that employees, managers, executives, and directors are meeting their obligations. Outside directors, in particular, have an oversight responsibility to recognize and deal with anomalies that occur within the company.

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