Investigation Structure

Internal Investigation Structure

Before an independent investigation begins, it is essential to define its scope and structure. An unstructured, unplanned investigation can cause more problems than it solves. Everyone needs to understand the objectives and the scope; otherwise, the investigation could lose its focus.

When the Stakes are High … Gallion & Spielvogel LLP

At Gallion & Spielvogel LLP, our lawyers have the investigative experience to quickly define the issue and determine an effective structure.

  • What is the scope of the investigation? Under what circumstances should that scope be narrowed or widened?
  • Which entity or which employees should be involved? Should affected employees have their own attorneys?
  • How will the interviews be conducted?
  • What documents should be collected? What is the document collection process?

Because our law firm is small and immediately responsive, we can quickly establish an investigation structure, because we do not have our own internal hierarchy to deal with. Our focus will be entirely on you and your company—not on how we will divide investigation tasks.

G&S lawyers will zoom in on only the most salient areas that require investigation while, of course, ensuring that the investigation is completely thorough. We won’t assign dozens of junior attorneys to harass employees throughout the company. (i.e., we have no intentions of intruding on any part of the company’s operations unless they are clearly tied to the central issues involved in the investigation.) We will define the scope of the job as narrowly as possible and perform the required inquiries as efficiently and discreetly as possible.

Without a well-designed investigation structure, an investigation can wander into unrelated areas and lose sight of its purpose. While additional issues may be uncovered, they cannot be allowed to distract the investigation. There is always the option of additional investigations or broadening the current investigation—by plan, not by chance.

Located in New York City, our attorneys are available for internal corporate investigations throughout the United States. Gallion & Spielvogel LLP is part of an extensive national network of law firms focused exclusively on the legal needs of businesses.